I sit in meetings at church and always hear little bits I wish I could remember but never write down.  Today I decided to pull my phone out and jot down a few.  Which led me to think, why not download the WordPress app and make it a blog post.
On the first Sunday of each month members of the congregation are invited to share their testimonies of the gospel.  So here are just a couple of those thoughts beginning with the song we sang as an opening.

The witness of the Holy Ghost, As borne by those who know, Has lifted me again to thee, O Father of my soul.
-Testimony by Loren C. Dunn

How many times do I miss out because I’m being judgmental.

I asked my seminary teacher, “If Christ felt all the pain in the world, does He know what it feels like to have Asperger’s?”
He said, “Yes, He does.”

You can pray to Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, for help and assistance and he will answer your prayers if you do your part.

Like I said, just a few.  My youngest two still keep me distracted sometimes.


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