Halloween 2011 and a shot from 2010

I need to try to blog more and facebook less.  So I thought I should put up our Halloween pictures.

I talked Grayson into being Anakin Skywalker.


I used this picture as my example:

I had to keep it as simple as possible to make.  So the shirt is a karate top we already had that I tea-dyed and the flaps were a pillowcase.  I made the spats out of a leather jacket I picked up at the thrift store for 99 cents.  Woohoo.  I used this tutorial on Threadbanger.  Her’s are awesome, I wish I had a pair of boots to make some for.

Hattie went as Princess Leia.


Her dress was supposed to be very basic but the hood and zipper in the back ended up being more work than planned.  The belt is aluminum foil with contact paper over the top.  She had actual buns for our Ward party Saturday night.  I used sock buns and they looked great. 

The older boys are on their own for Halloween, especially if they don’t give me weeks or months of advanced notice.  Ethan decided to just go as Mario  from last year.  I can’t find a post from last year so here’s a picture:

Halloween 2010

Hayden and Forest went to a friend’s party the Saturday before so Hayden ripped up some clothes to be a zombie and Forest found some of Aaron’s old Army uniforms and went as some sort of commando.  So there you go, our simple Halloween.


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