An Offer

Hello to my 5 loyal blog readers.  I have an offer for you.

During my winter quarter at school last year I took a darkroom lab class.  I had to turn in 15 prints at the end of the quarter.  What they were and when I was in the lab was all up to me.  I loved that class.

The prints I ended up turning in were playing-card sized and from stacked negatives.  I stacked two negatives to create sort of a collage image.  I had a blast playing with the negatives, finding two that had the right exposure to work together and that created a fun image.  My processing skills increased immensely.

More than just being 15 prints, the plan for these tiny cards was to connect each one to a twitter account (which I did) and then find somewhere for them to get distributed into the world.  The hope was that they would travel, if someone took one, they would send a tweet and then give the card to someone else.

Well the poor cards are collecting dust on a shelf.  I never figured out where to put them so they could travel away in someone’s pocket.

My offer to you, before I offer them in an Artist Trading Card group on Flickr, is this: check out the cards, if you would like one and have a twitter account, please direct a tweet to the corresponding account.  I’ll get your address if I don’t already have it and send it to you.  If you don’t have a twitter account, leave a comment here.

I’d love for them to travel but just getting them off my shelf and in someone else’s possession would make me happy because that was their purpose.


4 thoughts on “An Offer

  1. Not sure what you’re doing here…but I wanna play! lol…it’s early and I didn’t completely understand it. heh… I’ll read it again when I get home! :)

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