How I spent my Labor Day…

Laboring away in the kitchen.

Terrible Phone Pic

I am not a happy-go-lucky morning Mommy.  I do not enjoy fixing food first thing in the morning yet my growing kids must be fed as soon as they wake up.  I was beginning to really dread school starting and the thought of what to feed the kids each morning or at least what to have ready for the seminary goers to fix themselves.  PB&J really isn’t a great option every single morning.

So I finally took a cue from my sis-in-law, Shila, who used to make a big batch of muffins that she would put in the freezer for breakfasts.  I took the idea a little further though.  I made 16 ham and cheese biscuits, 14 pancakes, 18 whole wheat, chocolate-chip muffins.  I also mixed up a fresh batch of oatmeal mix, and split and bagged 12 English muffins.  We now have two items each that we can pick for breakfast for the next five days.  Whew, if I accomplished nothing else this summer I feel good about today.  Now to keep it stocked and find new items once in a while.

Playlist for Labor Day baking: Tears for Fears- Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82–92)

BTW, I did not pick that song because I felt like a woman chained to the kitchen.  It’s just my favorite off the album.  Gorgeous song.


5 thoughts on “How I spent my Labor Day…

  1. You are awesome! That’s a great idea. Makes me want to empty my freezer and fill it with breakfast stuff. :-D Oh, and that song is dreamy. I LOVE Tears for Fears!

  2. Whew. You were busy! We spent it moving in. Maybe now I can get a stock up as well! We are mostly in now. Our last load of household goods shows up Wednesday. They split our stuff up :/

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