To each his own…

When we moved into this apt in Redmond we were disappointed to find that there was no dishwasher.  But when the price is right and the neighborhood is awesome, you take what you can get.  Besides, we thought, Aaron and I both grew up without one.  It will give our boys character or at the least give them a healthy dislike for hand-washing dishes like it did Aaron and I.

Sitting on top of the fridge, next to the kitchen sink is an iPod dock.  Each day as the chores are getting done, the iPod gets turned on to the playlist of the dishwasher.  I had to smile this morning as each of those playlists took a turn.  Forest started it out and lately he’s really been into DCFC and Coldplay.


Next came Hayden.  He doesn’t always listen to music but wanting some help with motivation today, he turned on some Johnny Cash.  This was a surprise because his first choice is usually the StarCraft II videogame soundtrack.


Finally Ethan turned on his playlist which is probably my favorite because it’s so different from the music that I listen to on a regular basis.


It was fun to lay on the couch after my own chores and listen to each of their unique tastes.


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