disintegrate or differentiate?

Around 1994, shortly after getting married I got rid of all my cassettes when the cassette player on my stereo quit and CDs had taken over.  The Cure made up the bulk of my small collection and I never replaced them with CDs.

Last night I downloaded Disintegration by The Cure.  It should have been one of the first albums I got for my iPod.  It is absolutely my favorite ever and the song itself is still my very favorite Cure song.   Sitting here doing Calculus to The Cure brings back the good memories of High School.  How I loved to get lost in my music and in math homework.  How math and drafting classes were the few places I felt like I belonged.


Thanks for reminiscing with me.  Enjoy the song if you like, or not because I know The Cure is not for everyone.  Now, excuse me while I find the derivative of this equation.


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