Update & more film…

Things have been relatively quiet around here.  Just the usual business of a 7 member household, merit badges, band festivals, field trips, ear infections, scout meetings, camp outs, and of course school and work.

This quarter I’m only taking one class because that’s all I can fit into the three hours that Hattie is in Kindergarten.  After this I will be done with all the math classes I have to take, which is very disappointing.  I hope I will have room in my electives to take more math later on.  Next quarter I plan to take English 101 (which I’m scared to death of) and either a drawing class or a design class (either one I’m super excited about.)  It seems crazy that in two short months I will have been in college for one school year.  I am loving it and I hope I’m still loving it as it takes me 3+ years to get my associates then several more for a bachelor.

These pics came from a film camera a friend asked me to try out to see if it worked.  Someone else had given it to her.  The colors turned out beautiful.  I was pleasantly surprised.  When I told her it worked great she told me to keep it.  Here’s the rest of the set.


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