Monday 4-4-11

This was a happy, accidental project from last week.  I started the new quarter on Monday and as usual I started snapping pics on the bus.  As we were pulling through one of the local transit centers I happened to catch these two guys at just the right moment.  Which is surprising because of the delay on my phone’s camera.  The framing ended up being perfect.  I’ve been using the Vignette for Android app and it is so fun.  It allows you to change the effects on a shot and then save it as a copy.  So I saved the three different effects.

Tuesday I was walking home from the bus stop after class and stopped to take a few (three) shots of some blossoms.  Only these were three different shots at three different effects settings.  Still oblivious to what I was doing, I went on with life.  Wednesday the sun came out and I had to try a shot of some sun glare with different settings.  That’s when I realized what I had done the last two days and purposely took three shots.

Wednesday 4-6-11

The rest of the week was more fun, in triplicate.  Thursday, some tulips had began bloomingFriday I found a weathered fence.  And Saturday Ethan and I went to the Pacific Science Center.

Saturday 4-9-11

I had intended on doing Sunday as well but spent it resting instead.


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