Artist Trading, no Traveling, Cards

My final for my photog class is done!  Where to even begin explaining though.

The idea started when I heard about a friend in SLC getting together with her friends to make Artist Trading Cards.  I loved the idea and thought that as part of my photo lab I would make one or two for said friend.  While trying to figure out what my photog project was going to be I had the thought of making the cards themselves the whole project.  My instructor, Chad, had no restrictions on photo sizes so I went to work printing itty-bitty photos.  The final had to be 15 prints and I got 16 cards made.

To make the cards a little more interesting and artistic I did them all as stacked negatives, two negatives exposed together as one.  Chad called them mash-ups, Margaret, our lab-tech called them sandwiched negatives.  It was really fun to try this technique out.



I mounted the photos onto 100 lb. card stock, cropped them to 2 1/2” X 3 1/2” and then rounded off the corners.  They are just like holding a stack of trading card.  So tactile and fun, part of me doesn’t want to send them away.



The second part of my project is a social experiment.  During my mid-term meeting with Chad, he had a great idea.  Each card has a twitter address printed on the back.  I plan to take them to an art shop in Ballard (assuming they will take them) to put out for people to take.  The idea is that they are supposed to travel.  Whoever takes one is supposed to leave a tweet and then pass the card on to someone else.




It will be fun to see if any of them go very far.  When I get the cards back from Chad and then take them to the shop, I will update.  These were a few of my favorites but really I liked all of them a lot.  Here’s the flickr set with the rest.


Listening to: Acid House Kings- Sing Along With The Acid House Kings- Tonight Is Forever


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