A perfect little frozen moment…

Going to attempt a pretty low-key, monthly project on one of my flickr groups this year.

January’s assignment is portraits.

I loved how these all just sort of happened, nothing planned.  I hadn’t even thought about the project until I took Grayson’s.  Hattie and I went out for a hot cocoa after school so I had to take a pic of her enjoying hers.  Then I had to take Grayson to a Dr. appt. and took a couple of shots of him out of boredom.  That was when I remembered the project and decided I would get the rest that day as well.  But I wanted to catch them all in a candid shot, nothing posed.  I also really liked that each shot is very representative of each of them.  Ethan pretty much lives off of PB&J, Grayson fills up the paper on the exam table with drawings every time we go to the Dr.  And Hayden was not very happy because he’d just gotten scolded for going to the library after school and being gone for 4 hours without telling me where he was.  Each of these pictures are a perfect little frozen moment of their lives that day, or any other day for that matter.


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