Homemade Christmas 2010

So I never did get my Christmas projects posted last year and I see myself headed in that same direction this year.  I still don’t have all the pictures taken of gifts I made for my kids but I’ve decided I’m just going to post anyway.  Maybe someday I’ll post those but maybe not.

I need some serious help with taking product shots.  My pictures are terrible but I’m a little too overwhelmed with life right now to care.  So here we go.  This year we had my Mom and Aaron’s brother Porter.  I could not for the life of me figure out what to make Porter so Aaron got him something.  But for his daughter I made these adorable quilted letters and a kidlet to put them in.

For her brother and mom I made a super hero cape and a manicure kit.

I used this cape tutorial as a reference.

This is the very simple Manicure Kit Cover tutorial.  I also made one for Mom and a friend.

Because she’s Mom, she got two other gifts as well.  I used a couple of gorgeous Indian scarves to make her some reversible pajama pants.  The picture of course is awful.  It’s hard to get good lighting in WA in the winter.


Then Hattie and I made her a wrist rest for the computer but I never did get pictures taken.

For one of my cousins and Forest I made a Shirt Cuff Wallet.  I loved this idea.

I sent another friend some bottle cap magnets:

These were lots of fun and so easy.  I would like to make more if I find more bottle caps laying around.

Aaron got the best one of all, in my opinion.  A miniature Mario hat keychain.  It’s only about and inch and half wide.  I loved it.

I made Hayden a banner for his room with the silhouette of a dragon on it.  Turned out really cool but again, no pic.  It’s black with dark purple so I’m afraid it will be too dark to get a good shot of.  Ethan wanted a pillowcase to match the blanket I had made for him a few years ago.  And for Hattie and Grayson I made these trinket keepers.  They turned out cute but I used the freezer paper/printer method of putting initials on them and the ink is not water proof.  Grayson’s smudged the first day he had it on his backpack.  I might try stenciling over them with fabric paint.


9 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas 2010

  1. I have been so excited to see all the neat stuff you made for Christmas! You are so talented! I think you should do just a blog on all of your fun ideas! Do you guys only do homemade Christmas gifts? You really are an inspiration to me. Thanks! Post more ideas loved them all but my favorite is the trinket keepers. Probably because I have little ones that would love that. Anything to hang off their pants and to keep treasures in to boot!

    1. Thank you Sasha!
      No we don’t do completely homemade. It can be so hard sometimes to think of what to get your mom or siblings for Christmas so doing homemade makes it a little more fun and special. If I had bought my mom a pair of pj pants and a manicure kit, it wouldn’t have been as cool. And then I like to make a little something for each of the kids and Aaron but we still buy way too much stuff.
      Brandy has told me I should have a separate blog for crafts but I just don’t want to keep track of more than one blog. I know my blog can be very scattered but that’s pretty much me. :-D

  2. I love those letters and the Mario hat is too cute!
    I have some bottle caps for you…I’ll send them someday haha! :)
    Love ya!

  3. Keli, I absolutely love seeing your projects! You are so talented!! I want to be able to do homemade Christmases as wonderful as yours someday :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! Just keep sewing and before you know it you can make just about anything you want. Check out this blog. He’s stopped posting but there’s still tons of cool stuff on there. It really opened up my eyes to how clothing is constructed. http://wkdesigner.wordpress.com/

  4. You rock for making so many of your Christmas gifts! They are really cute. I really like the pajama pants you did for your mom. They look so elegant! Love the rag quilt letters too ;)

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