Portraits of Forest.

I’ve been trying to take portraits of each of the kids on their birthdays this year.  So here are Forest’s.   He hates me taking pictures of him.  But he actually cooperated for me on these and I think I got a couple of good ones.

This one was actually taken in November on the first roll of film for my final.  I ended up going with a different idea but I still really liked this shot and I’m glad I printed it.

Here are the other kids’ Hayden, Ethan, Grayson & Hattie.  I didn’t actually get portraits of Hattie and Ethan on their birthdays.  I need to take them out and get them.

Listening to: Liz Story- A Winter’s Solstice, Vol 5.- O Come Little Children/ We’ll Dress The House


2 thoughts on “Portraits of Forest.

  1. I like the hint of a smile in the black and white one!
    He is so handsome! Sorry I missed his birthday!!! And everyones been crazy.
    Hope he likes them too!

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