Assignment #3- Street

Our third project for Photography was to go out and shoot things, people, etc we see on the street.  This is already my favorite way to shoot but it was more fun to think about what shots might work with B&W.

I was very worried about whether I would have time to get into Seattle or not and thought that maybe I would only be able to go at night.  So I started out with taking a few night shots here in Redmond to see how they came out.  This one turned out to be one of my favorites and one that my teacher thought I should try printing as well.

Then Hattie and I went for a walk around town the next day to get more street shots.

Then I proceeded to leave my negative box on the bus one day.  So I was forced to go into Seattle.  Oh darn.  I love walking around Seattle and I love taking pictures in Seattle.

I was particularly happy with this one of the cranes because I ended up having to burn certain areas to get the exposure right and was very happy with the outcome.

Then I had a third roll that was part Seattle, part Redmond but I didn’t get it processed till after the assignment was due and got this shot printed today.  After all the test strips and figuring out the right timing, our lab tech messed with my enlarger and didn’t put the aperture back on the setting I had, so this ended up darker than it was supposed to, I should have rechecked.  I hope to redo it later on.

This actually made it to the news last week.  I thought it was a little disturbing but I also thought it made for a fun B&W shot.


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