A new phase…

How to even begin writing about the past two weeks.  It really started 16 years ago.  I had been accepted and had my financial aid ready to go to ASU, and fulfill my dream of studying architecture.  Instead, Aaron and I married in August, right after senior year.  His grandfather refused to come to the private ceremony in my bishop’s office and called it a shot gun wedding.  But I don’t recall anyone having a fire arm of any kind.  I’ve always been regretful that I didn’t get to go to college like I had planned but at the same time I don’t regret my marriage or having my children and being at home with them as much as possible.  I think Aaron has regretted it even more.  He has always felt like he stole something from me.  So our deal has always been that when our youngest was in school, I would go to school.  I think he has always worried that I wouldn’t do it, no matter how many times I told him I still wanted desperately to have a college education.  I love to learn new things and the idea of being able to take many classes of my own choosing sounds fantastic.  Well it finally happened and I think Aaron could be more excited than I am.  I applied to Bellevue College and for financial aid the beginning of the year, visited with an advisor, and registered for classes as soon as I could.  I am so happy to actually be doing it.  Classes started on Sept 20th.  Five days a week I’m taking Math 141- Pre-calculus and Monday, Wednesday, Friday I have Art 150- Basic Photography I.  Math is, well, math.  But the photography class is a blast.  Our instructor is so easy going, and the film processing is so fun.

I’m still on the path to study architecture eventually but unsure if that is really what I want.  I’m going to take all the photography and drawing classes that I can at BC while I work on an Associate in Arts & Sciences which will transfer to UW.  Hopefully I will decide for sure before I finish.  :-)

Our first assignment:

The real print is so much cooler.

Listening to: Islands on the Coast- Cease to Begin- Band of Horses (love this song!!!!)


3 thoughts on “A new phase…

  1. I’m so happy for you, Keli. It’s always inspiring to see moms going back to school. I didn’t finish due to illness, but still hoping I might be able to do it someday.

    I think you would enjoy my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law’s blog. It’s strangepulse.com. Her name is Susan and she’s into photography – even has a whole blog dedicated to “Flat Liberace” (cardboard cutout of Liberace in different settings like Death Valley). She just started a graffiti blog too – all pictures of graffiti. :-D

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