Two big days!

Grayson had his first official den meeting yesterday.  He was so excited to get dressed in his uniform and go.  He helped get the chairs set up and the flags and stands set up.  Then he put them all away at the end.  We had a mini bike rodeo and all the boys had fun showing off their stuff.  Then our Wolf leader’s husband had fishing pole, without hooks, that the boys got to cast when they were tired of riding.  Grayson and Aaron worked on and finished his Bobcat on Sunday so he is very excited to get that next month and Aaron is determined to get his wolf done too, as soon as possible.

Then today, one of the girls in our complex gave Hattie a bike that didn’t fit her anymore.  It’s almost too small for Hattie too but it’s the perfect size for her to learn on because she can easily touch the ground.  I had planned on taking her to the school later this week to help her learn to ride it but she had other plans in mind.  She took off on it as soon as I had the back tire pumped up.  An hour or so later she came to ask if I wanted to watch her ride.  She was only a little wobbly but once we got down to the basketball court she took off and rode like she’d been doing it all her life.  She’s a natural just like Ethan was when he was little.  I love how independent my little girl is.


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