Happy 8th Birthday to Grayson!

Out of focus but one of the only smiles he gave me.



I love how he gets nice and tan and his hair gets real light around his face during the summer.

We, meaning I, decided to buy a bunch of hotdogs, chips and ice cream, make a couple of cakes and invite all the kids in our complex and his primary class to have a picnic with us for Grayson’s birthday.  I think it went very well.  The mess was all outside, the kids could run and be loud and Grayson had a great time with his friends.  Since day camp he has been obsessed with getting a BB gun.  We made it very clear that until he’s older and we live somewhere that he could actually use it, that was out of the question.  Instead we got him two Nerf dart guns and so did one of his friends.  He is pretty happy.  And those would be the “safety glasses” that came with them.

We love our sweet Grayson!


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