Band Happenings.

I was going to try to do better about updating my blog, but i haven’t.  So it’s time to play catch up again.  At the beginning of the month Forest played a duet with one of his class mates at the district solo and ensemble festival.

They did a great job and then the judge visited with them about some of their strengths and weaknesses.  He gave them some great tips.  Aaron and I are so pleased with Forest’s musical talent and his desire to learn and grow.  We love listening to him practice every afternoon and going to his performances.  I believe he has another one in a few weeks.

Ethan had his spring concert about two weeks later.  He didn’t play a solo or anything but it’s impossible to not hear his baritone in every song and he sounded great.  He’s still not sure if he’s going to stick with the baritone or play something else next year.  His first choice was the cello then the violin but we missed the sign up for orchestra.  I hope he stays with the baritone, it has such a nice mellow sound.  But I want him to be happy with what he’s playing. playing: Guster- Collection- So Long

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One thought on “Band Happenings.

  1. That is so awesome! That photo of Ethan is priceless! You will need to give one to every girl he dates. hehehe :)

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