Reversible Wrap Skirt

I found these two adorable sheets at the thrift store and have been wanting to make skirts out of them.  I knew I wanted an a-line but I didn’t realize I wanted a reversible wrap skirt until I found this tutorial.

So what did I do this afternoon?  I made two skirts in one in just a few hours.  And they/it is so cute!!

Now to make Hattie’s.


8 thoughts on “Reversible Wrap Skirt

  1. I adore your skirt, Keli! The fabric is so totally cute and what a great idea to make it reversible, and out of bed sheets. Love it!! :)

  2. I loooooooooove it Keli! I can’t wait to see you in it at church- and seriously- you can’t even tell those are bed sheets! SO CUTE!

  3. You two just made my evening!! I finished Hattie’s so we will match on Sunday, Sara. :-) That is if we can find tops to go with the skirts.

  4. Sooo cute and fun!! Want to see Hatties too or the two of you together! I made the kids pJ bottems out of a flannel sheet. :)

  5. Darling! I love great linen finds at the thrift store! I found the most beautiful pillow cases that I put on my new pillows and love them.

    1. me too. i have to really keep myself in check in the linens dpt. i find so many cute sheets there.

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