Ant Day Declared!!

for a couple of weeks we have had teen-tiny little ants in our apartment.  i say a couple of weeks because the week that mom & kuryn were here was hard to keep anything clean with 9 kids & 5 adults eating and playing in the house.  and i was out sight seeing so they just didn’t get taken care of.

so finally on tuesday our manager had pest control come to spray.  we had pretty well gotten them under control but were happy for the help.  we had to get our kitchen completely moved up to our room, because that was the only room in the house that they hadn’t been seen in, and we had to be gone from about 11 to 3.  we needed the help getting the kitchen moved and rather than worry about kids getting out of school, and when we could go home and what to do that 4 hours, we decided to just keep the kids out of school for the day.  we emptied the kitchen and once pest control came we took off for seattle.

we had intended on buying a membership to the pacific science center and just spending the day there but we discovered they were closed, except for the imax theatre.  we went ahead and bought a membership and then bought tickets to two movies.  the kids had such a great time at seattle center.  it was their first time to see the space needle close up and they loved it.  they loved imax hubble 3d, it was awesome.  we played at the international fountain, had smoothies and watched a band play in the center house.  and then watched alice in wonderland which they weren’t nearly as impressed by as the hubble movie.  it was a long and exhausting holiday but soooo great to spend the time together having fun.

lots more fun pics of our day.

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2 thoughts on “Ant Day Declared!!

  1. Fun! I still have not been to the Pacific Science Center, but one of these weekends I will convince Brett to take us.

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