caught up

the past month has been crazy busy, but i think i’m caught up on posting pics.

cub scouts especially has been taking a lot of my time.  the usual den meetings every week, planning mtgs, committee mtgs, and roundtable, each monthly, were enough but then i took on an arbor day tree planting event for our pack and the bishopric asked me to be our pack’s day camp coordinator.  *inhale*  then the boys have been busy with scouts as well, service projects, camp outs, hayden has rehearsals for his upcoming youth conference musical, and forest just had a jazz band concert.  *deep breathe*  it’s all good though, my life isn’t boring.

i’m looking forward to my mom and oldest niece coming to visit the end of this month.  my planner is staying completely empty that week so we can do whatever they want.  i’m so excited!!!!!!

so enjoy all the catch up posts, i hope i stay in touch better and don’t wait a month to be back.  :-D playing~ DCFC- Plans- Crooked Teeth


4 thoughts on “caught up

  1. Keli-

    You live in the most beautiful place ever. I always love your pictures. How fortunate you are! Are these pictures of places close to you or do you drive awhile? Just wondering. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. i must agree linda!! i love the puget sound. i hope that i get to live here for many more years!!! i love that my kids get to grow up here.

    no i don’t go very far. these were all taken here in redmond.

    you’re welcome and THANK YOU!

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