#56- check

Aaron and I got to go to the Space Needle last night.  We’ve lived here for 5 1/2 years now and he hadn’t been so I was determined to get him there this year.  His sister is here with her husband who works for Microsoft in AZ.  They had gotten city passes for the weekend which includes two trips to the space needle.  They weren’t gong to get to use the second trip so Shila called us up and said she wanted to give them to us and come fix dinner for the kids.  What a sweetie!

We had a great time out together.  I wasn’t going to take my camera because I figured I wouldn’t really get any great shots at night.  I took it anyway, then noticed that the batteries in it were dead when I was checking the time at the bus stop.  I replaced them and took a couple of test shots on the bus as we got into Seattle.

Took a couple of more as we walked to the Seattle Center that didn’t work out.  Then got the worm’s view shot of the Needle…

When I realized that my back up battery was dead too!!!  I managed to get one more shot of the bay, trying to get the tiny sliver moon.  And that was it!

We tried to take one of us together but it was dead as a door nail.  Oh well, We had a great time, not a typical Tuesday evening for us.  And #56 on my list is done!

Thanks Doug & Shila!!!

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