much better than the last post…

During Ward Conference two weeks ago, our Stake President encouraged us to “find one thing, that if added to or removed from my life, would most tangibly fortify my faith and the faith of my family in the Savior Jesus Christ.”  The thought crossed my mind of course that spending less time on the internet would help, but I chose to add first.  Maybe by adding something I will feel more like taking away some of that wasted time.

I had already been thinking about how my Temple attendance has completely diminished since moving to within 20 minutes of the Temple.  I had already added it to my list with the worry that I wouldn’t actually accomplish it.  After the inspiring challenge from Pres. Tanner I decided that I wouldn’t worry, I would just do it.  Yes life is crazy and yes it seems daunting to add one more thing but it’s something that is definitely worthwhile and I know my family and I will be blessed tremendously.

I went to bed Monday night with the intention of going the next morning.  But when I woke Tuesday I realized I had slept too late, hadn’t gotten dinner ready to go in the crock-pot, and would be stressed about being on time to pack meeting later that evening if I tried to go.  So I promised myself I would go Thursday.  I turned down an invitation to a sewing bee that evening and left the day completely open.  I didn’t want to have to worry about anything but getting there and back.  So I hopped on the bus and thoroughly enjoyed my day.  Except the sore feet from my choice of shoes.

A few more shots of my walk.

Listening to: Coldplay- X&Y- Speed of Sound


2 thoughts on “much better than the last post…

  1. I have that same goal. Too many dumb excuses not to go, but much lesser things have become a priority. I was hoping Matt’s day off would be on Fridays, but it’s on Mondays. Too bad it’s not open then.

  2. You are so talented. I loved looking at your pictures. We are getting a temple here and it should be ready in May. We are so excited. I worry that I will not make it to the temple as often as I should and it will be so close. You are a great example.

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