Petri Roll #4

So the first 5 or 6 rolls of film that I was so excited to get for a buck at the thrift store were Seattle Film Works brand.  Their film was made from movie film which has to be processed differently then regular film.  So for the past several months I have had a roll hanging out in my purse as I tried to figure out where to get it done.  The first one was a fluke and the kid at Fred Meyer’s didn’t pay attention and processed it anyway.  From what I’ve been told, the SFW film will ruin the expensive chemicals in a regular machine.  So no one messes with it.  A week or two ago I read somewhere that Fuji used to process it.  I found that Rite-Aid uses Fuji for their film processing so I didn’t even ask.  I just dropped in an envelope and crossed my fingers that it would come back to me.  And yesterday it did.  Yay!!!

Here’s the whole set.


One thought on “Petri Roll #4

  1. Awesome! I love to find old rolls of film that need developed. I developed a roll for Brett a year or two ago for our anniversary and it was from the first year we were married and it was so fun to go through together. It was hard to wait to look at them until we could look together!

    I love that last picture.

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