I haven’t felt much like taking my camera out in the rain the past week or two.  But I did have to make a quick run to the store on Saturday.  I jumped over our back fence to make the trip quicker so it was a very short walk.

A neighbor girl asked why I was taking a picture of the trike.  I always just say, “cuz.”  I never know quite how to answer that question.  Why does it seem so odd to just take pics of random stuff?  I realize most people probably think it’s pointless.  They’d rather take pictures of people and I can understand that.  I am very intimidated still by portraits.  I need to practice them more but my kids get really tired of me taking pictures of them.  But I love this world we live in, both the natural and the man-made.  I love all the little details.  I like capturing colors and shapes.  I enjoy seeing the world through my lens.

Ipod playing the DCFC cd I picked up at the thrift store for $2!!  Death Cab For Cutie- Plans- Different Names For The Same Thing

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