half a week to go, then what?

Week 52-  52 1/2 weeks of 2009 – Second Chance On A Theme

Week #22 was the only shot I missed this year.  So here’s my second chance at a night shot.

I have one more picture in the 52 1/2 week project and I’m beginning to wonder, what next.  I’ve really enjoyed this past year of weekly photos.  I don’t know if I want to do it again, or something else.  My sister mentioned doing a 365 project again and my thought was “eeeeeek!!!”  This group does sound interesting.  You take a photo each day and then have your own diary thread within the group.  I don’t know if I’m up to a daily photo project though.

Normally I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions but this year feels different for some reason.  I feel this urge to set a goal or two for myself.  I want to live a healthier life and I want to grow as an amateur photo-taker.  I’ve been thinking about combining the two and joining this group.  It would be nice to make a goal to go on a walk or two every week.  That is incredibly intimidating though, the talent in that group is astounding.

I don’t know what I’m going to do but I better hurry up and figure it out.  :)

last.fm playing:  Ben Gibbard- Home Split EP- Secrets of The Heart


2 thoughts on “half a week to go, then what?

  1. Oh cool! The blogs are snowing again!

    I like those two groups you linked to! Thanks for sharing! I joined the “Walk with me” group and added my walk from today.

    365 is definitely intimidating…but I think I am ready for the challenge again! :)

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