A new year, almost.

I think I got my shot for the half week.  I hadn’t planned on it, I was just out for a walk for my new flickr group and this was one of the shots in the slideshow.  But I feel ready to be done with the weekly themes so I may as well use it.

Week 1/2-  52 1/2 weeks of 2009 ~ End.

The end of a one-way street and the end of my 2009 project, the beginning of a two-way street and the beginning of a new project.  Here’s the entire set for the year if you’d like to take a look.

I’m starting early but it’s official.  I joined the walk with me group.  Here’s my first slideshow.  I plan on making weekly goals for myself to go on walks.  To start in January I will try for one walk a week, minimum.  I know, not terribly challenging but I’m not one to go all out right off the bat.  I’ll give up early on if I give myself too much.  Believe me, I know myself.  Plus I figure if it starts raining again, I will not be very motivated.

walk with me ~ walking around town with Ethan 12.28.09

So here we go with a new challenge for the year.  I hope I stick with it.

last.fm playing: State Radio- Us Against The Crown- Mr. Larkin


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