frosty friday morning walk

frosty bokeh
Week 49-  52 1/2 weeks of 2009 ~ bokeh


Definition: Subjective quality of the out-of-focus image projected by an optical system, usually a photographic lens. * The unsharp part of an image often makes the major part of a photograph: visually we prefer smooth gradations and spherical out-of-focus highlights: this is good quality bokeh. * Poor bokeh is caused by poor control of residual lens defects as well as the design of the diaphragm aperture blades or in-lens shutters. Lenses with circular apertures are more likely to produce smooth bokeh. * Transliteration of Japanese word.  ~idigitalphoto

It says subjective so what I may like about each out-of-focus background, someone else may not.

frosty bokeh


This one was my favorite of the morning.


2 thoughts on “frosty friday morning walk

  1. Keli, your photography blows me away. These are beautiful. The one with the berries needs to be framed and hung on my wall! I love the colors.

    Also, I love the snow on your blog!

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