sorry, habit

I have had this incredible urge all day to write a post.  :)  I’m glad I participated in  NaBloPoMo but I’m glad it’s over.

So last week was #48- Then & Now.  I couldn’t really come up with anything and thought I had failed for the second week this year. Then I remembered having the thought, “take a picture of that Magnolia like tree you took a picture of back in the spring.”  Ah-ha, saved by my own random and forgetful brain.

Week 48-  52 1/2 weeks of 2009

When I was looking for the “then” picture, I realized that I had taken two different pics of it.  So there’s my then, then & now shot for the week.

**edit: plant is a Magnolia stellata**

Listening to: The Black Crowes- i am sam- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (one of my most favoritest albums ever!!!!!) ((rufus wainright’s cover of across the universe is killer and two of us by aimee mann and michael penn is the best song on the album.)) (((revolution by grandaddy is pretty awesome too.)))


3 thoughts on “sorry, habit

    1. haha, it must be on a schedule from last year cuz i forgot all about that. it’s a wordpress thing though.

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