a week of ethan

Our third son, Ethan turned 11 on the 19th.  We had a fun, Ethan filled week.  His birthday was on Thursday so we ate his choice of meals and then he opened his presents.  I guess I didn’t get pictures of those.  We gave him his new Scout shirt and book and then two new origami books and two packs of origami papers.  He was so please, he thanked Aaron and I both over and over.  Naturally we have little paper creatures everywhere.

The birthday person always gets to pick the meals for the day.  Ethan wanted egg burritos for breakfast, and pancakes for dinner “those kind that dad makes.”

After dinner he had a band concert.  The lighting was not great so the pics were all a little grainy.

The day after his birthday, he got to go on his first official Scout campout with his new troop.  He was so excited to tell us that they had passed off 13 (I think) requirements on their camp-out.  As soon as he got his scout book back from his Scoutmaster he started reading about more he could do.  He may just end up being our youngest Eagle.
Again, poor lighting, that’s a Seattle afternoon for you.

On Saturday night we had a birthday party with the cousins and our friends from Auburn.  He had begged me all week to invite them up and was so happy they got to come.  I didn’t take any pictures but Brandy did so I look forward to seeing those.  ;-)

Not quite done with Cub Scouts, he had to go to his last pack meeting the next Tuesday for his cross-over ceremony and to collect the last of his awards, 18!!

Saying good-bye to the cubs.  He left right away to join his new troop only looking back long enough to hand me his Webelos neckerchief.  I love his enthusiasm.

I am so very thankful for my little monkey.  Ethan is the most caring and tender of our children.  He loves to share everything he has with everyone he can.  He loves to cuddle when he’s not climbing walls or trees and he always says, “I love you with all my heart, so much.”  I’m so, so grateful that our family was blessed to have him sent to us.




Day 30, done.  *sigh of relief*

Pandora playing: The Shins- Oh, Inverted World- The Past And Pending


3 thoughts on “a week of ethan

  1. that is one full day. congratulations on finishing nablopomo! feels good doesn’t it? both the accomplishment and that it is over :)

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