waking up later then  planned+no shower+having to run around town all morning+making endless origami Christmas trees all afternoon+head numb from tylenol kicking in+40 mins to deadline for nablopomo, day28= NADA!  i got ZIP!

BUT… i did get to go see 2012 with aaron this evening and had a blast.  yeah, yeah it was the typical blow-up everything in sight, family miraculously survives a million near-death experiences and then lives happily ever-after hollywood crap but it was fun anyway.  and a couple of hilarious guys sat right next to us.  not the annoying kind that talk through the whole movie, just the witty kind that say just the right thing at just the right moment.

and now that that throbbing headache is fading i can go to bed.

grateful for who ever discovered, invented, whatever verb fits in there, acetaminophen.

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