Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I have to be grateful for the holidays and for family today.  It’s been so nice to spend the day with Charlie & Brandy.  We moved to the Puget Sound 5 1/2 years ago from Arizona.  This will be the first holiday season in that time that we will have family around.  What a wonderful blessing it is to have them here.

We had a delicious lunch together and amazingly I didn’t completely stuff myself.  Then we spent the afternoon & evening playing PS2 American Idol, eating pie, playing Wii Guitar Hero, eating left-overs and playing Wii Carnival.  So much fun.  It’s 9:30 now and I’m sure the Youngs would like for us to get home.  :-D


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  1. WII made a carnival game now? I’ve never played it but that sounds more interesting than the ones I have seen advertised here. :) WII Fit seemed like a good idea but I wasn’t tempted to blow real money on it. Plus, I thought I’d feel guilty for not actually getting outside and going for a walk.

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