UGH, Parent-Teacher conference time…

Today I am sooooo very thankful for parent-teacher conferences that I didn’t come away from with a guilt trip the size of Texas.  I have four very busy boys, three are medicated for ADD.  I loathe conference time.  Everyone of them starts out with, “Hayden is such a bright boy” or “Ethan is such a sweetheart.”  They try their best to give some positive feedback first but then they let in with all the things that the kids aren’t doing.  Of course I want to know what’s going on but couldn’t you have emailed me sooner to help work out these issues?

This year at our new school has been completely different.  The half hour with Grayson’s teacher was mostly spent with her talking about how much she just loves Grayson, his big heart, his love for writing, and his thoughtfulness.  Towards the end she offhandedly said, “you know all about his social issues, so we don’t need to go into that.”  Then she went on to praise him.  I brought up that the kids’ Dr would like to get evaluations from her and I to see if he is ADD as well but she immediately said, “Well, I’ll fill them out if you want me to but I don’t feel he needs to be diagnosed and put on meds.  He’s doing a great job.”  What a relief to have a teacher who DOESN’T want my child drugged.  I walked back home feeling like I was on cloud nine.  Wow, never have I had a teacher praise one of my children so much.

Monday I met with Ethan’s teacher.  This one was not all praise and admiration but she also didn’t try to sugar me up before dumping on me.  She started right away discussing the tactics she and his other teachers were using to help him out.  We discussed some of his problem areas but not at all in a negative way.  She was all about figuring out strategies to help him be the best he could.  Then she did talk about how much she loved having him in her class, how she has had many wonderful conversations with him, how sweet and courteous he is.  Again, I walked home feeling so positive about my sweet monkey boy, instead of this feeling of being the worst parent on earth because my child was not conforming to the public school system.

This morning I had a bright and early meeting with Hayden’s special education teacher.  Again, we discussed some of his problem areas but most of the time was spent on what he needs, how they can help, etc.  And again, I didn’t leave wanting to crawl in a hole.

I am grateful beyond words for these experiences.  It means so much to know that someone else recognizes the worth of my wonderful children.  They genuinely want to figure out how to serve them the best they can.

I’m also grateful for my only mildy ADD child.  Forest works so hard and is doing such a great job.

Off to Jazz Festival last Saturday. playing- Rooney-Rooney- Simply Because

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8 thoughts on “UGH, Parent-Teacher conference time…

  1. That is so awesome! Those conferences are so stressful to anticipate and it’s such a relief when they go well.

    1. I imagine Jared’s conferences are a piece of cake aren’t they. He’s got to be every teacher’s favorite. :)

  2. That is awesome! I don’t know your older boys as well, but I loved when I was Grayson’s sunbeam teacher and he would sit on my lap and play with my hair and hug my neck. He IS a very sweet boy with a big heart. I am glad all your conferences were so positive.

    1. lol, he has always been fascinated with hair. he’s the reason i went short 6 years ago. when he would nurse, his little fingers would find a few strands of my hair and pull them out. OUCH!

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