busy tuesday strikes again…

5:Am get up and get boys up for seminary and jazzband
lay back down on the couch till the alarm goes of to leave.

5:55 alarm to leave to get boys to said classes

6:10 wake ethan up to get ready for band

7:05 send ethan with his ethan size baritone out the door to catch the bus, sit down at the computer with some DCFC to catch up on the missed ICLW comments from yesterday.  read some blogs, listen to more DCFC.

7:45 QUICK, jump in the shower because grayson needs to be up in 15 minutes

8:10 showered and dressed, get grayson out of bed, dressed, kissed and out the door to school.

8:35 drive grayosn to school because i have to be to so-and-so’s house to visit teach

9:00 have a wonderful visit with so-and-so, help her get a dozen or so boxes of Christmas decorations down from her attic, stay for some hot cocoa, burn tongue on the cocoa, have more wonderful visiting with so-and-so.

10:30ish go to value village to look at filing cabinets because this computer area in our living room is driving me crazy (there i’m crazy now), find another awesome duvet cover that is begging to be made into some cute Christmas presents.  if only i would actually start cutting and sewing so the presents could get sent.

11:something- stop by the grocery store to grab some stamps so i can send some late birthday cards.

11:something more- back home for some lunch, dang it i didn’t put those cards in the mail!!!  don’t remember what i had for lunch, reading lesson with hattie, try to curl up on the couch for  a little snooze, hattie refuses to settle down but just can’t tear herself away from me.

12:15 boys home from school on a half day- ethan get your homework done, ethan get your chores done, ethan did you eat some lunch, ethan get your dishes washed, grayson get your homework done, grayson, “I HATE HOMEWORK!!!” help grayson get his homework done, “are you serious, THIS is 1st grade homework?!!  what, do they think you took a probability class in kindergarten?  no wonder you hate it.”
brandy and the fam come over for root beer floats, Ethan get your dishes washed, we need those cups for root beer floats.

2:45 forest home from school, “where’s hayden?”  “i dun’no.”  make root beer floats, visit with chaz and brandy, hayden makes it home, missed the bus again, hayden wash your dishes after you have a root beer float, forest wash you dishes

3:45ish clean up the kitchen cuz the boys still haven’t learned that trick, fix dinner

5:ish dinner time, more visiting with chaz and brandy, boys get dressed for scouts

6:ish good-bye youngs, thanks for taking the little ones to play

6:45 time for scouts, everyone in the car, do you have your scout book?  do you have your binder?  do you have a pencil? mom, where’s my scout book?

7:00 pack meeting, ethan counted 18 belt loops, pins, etc he’d be awarded, wolves/bear in charge of flag, then singing the star spangled banner, good job boys, “you didn’t tell us we had to do that sis. dean!” “yes i did, you weren’t listening.” ethan crosses over into 11-yo scouts, retire the flag, put away the chairs, refreshments, clear the gym for dodgeball

9:00 drop boys off at house, go take showers, pick up little ones, “thanks again guys”

10:ish kids in bed, sit down to relax at the computer, aaron-“do you wanna watch star trek?” “no, it’s 10:30, i gotta get to bed.”

11:ish reading out loud and laughing at poor lucky me, comment on some blogs, yay, reached my quota for the day, dang i still need to write my post for the day, i don’t know what to write about, how about a really boring one about what i did all day, and make it really hard to follow so no one will actually finish it, yeah that’s a great idea

not quite 12- i’m really grateful for a comfy bed to go to now.

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5 thoughts on “busy tuesday strikes again…

    1. hehe, no problem Jennifer. it happens frequently, the layout of the post is different than most.

  1. Hello there my sweet friend! This is why I love you so much. I love how much you LOVE and adore each of your children. I love how positive, appreciative and grateful you are for all that you have been blessed with….the good and the challenging! You are an incredible example to me. I too love the care and concern that the teacher at Redmond El and Redmond Jr. have shown to our children and to me. I have gotten emotional in every parent teacher conference I have had with them (today marks my year mark as a “mom”.) I get emotional because they genuinely seem to care about my children. I’ve wondered if they care so much because they know all that my sweet children have been through in the past two years. I am so happy to hear that they care equally for all their students! Of course I’m especially happy that two of my sweet Primary children are being loved, supported and respected by their teachers. Thank goodness for teachers that care. Thank goodness for mothers like you who love so deeply! Love ya Kel! xoxoxAmy

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