Gonna’ go Crazy

I’ve got ants in my pants or something tonight because I really don’t want to be sitting here.  I was at the thrift store today and found a gorgeous duvet cover for $7.  I think it’s a full size so that’s almost 5 yards of 88” wide fabric!  For 7 bucks!!  Anyway, my first thought was I could make a great gift for a certain sister-in-law, and maybe one for me, and maybe a skirt too.  But then I got it home, washed it and thought “that would make great curtains for my living room.”  Now I’m wishing the top sheet had been there too.  So while I decide the duvet cover’s destiny, I found a really cute apron I want to make.  I’m so in need of a second one.  This looks incredibly cute.  It’s unfortunate they chose such a flat-chested model for the picture though.

I’m going to start sounding like a broken record but I can’t help but feel grateful for my husband again today.  I am incredibly grateful for his ability to calmly discuss problems with our 12 year old when I can’t, which would be most of the time.

Listening to NPR’s All Songs Considered- Second Stage
Boca Chica- Lace Up Your Workboots- Lake Eerie
The Amazing- The Amazing- The Kirwan Song

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