Cub Scout Salute

Wow, what a morning!!!  Our pack attended a Veteran’s Day Service at a funeral home in Bellevue today.  It was a wonderful experience.  On our way out Hayden said he felt very humbled and asked if anyone else felt the spirit.

Our Cubmaster had been in contact with one of the managers of the funeral home.  When we got there, he came out and greeted us and gave really cool folded flag pins for the boys.  Then after we got seated, he brought over a soldier who had just finished a tour in Iraq to talk to the cubs.  He was dressed up in his Class A’s.  The boys were impressed.

They had two Veterans speak, one from the Korean War and one who recently returned from Iraq.  Then VFW Post #2995 did the Laying of the Wreath, a Flag Folding Ceremony which included specific meanings ascribed to each of the 13 folds, then their bagpiper played Amazing Grace.  After that four VFW members did a 21 Gun Salute in the garden right outside the chapel windows (a favorite of ALL the boys) followed by their bugler playing Taps.

It was a very moving experience and I hope the boys enjoyed it.

I’m excited for den mtg. next week because we are going to practice flag folding and outdoor flag raising.  It will be neat to talk about what happened today with them and find out how they liked it.

A pic of me & my boys before we left the church. (Ethan’s gonna be a Boy Scout in one week!!!!!)

I’m grateful for having the chance to be there and share the experience with my boys and with our pack. playing- Radiohead- In Rainbows- Weird Fishes/Arpeggi


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