Well, I knew this day would come.  I’m blank.  Had a very busy day and just feel exhausted and numb now.  I thought I had an idea earlier today but now it’s gone.  Wow, what does that say about me?  Yeah, I’m forgetful but am I actually thankful for whatever it was I was thinking of?  I’d say maybe not if it’s gone so quickly…………


OH, oh, oh I remember!!!!  I am grateful for late afternoon naps on the couch with Hattie!!!

We had done a lot of running around earlier today, came home, had lunch and picked up the house because the missionaries were coming over for dinner.  Then we sat down to do a reading lesson.  My smarty pants little girl is doing such a great job.  After that, I pulled an afghan over me and closed my eyes to rest for a little bit before I started dinner.  Hattie climbed up between me and the couch and laid her head on my shoulder.  As I started to doze off, I felt her little body grow relaxed and heavy.  I let myself happily fall asleep with my little girl.

I’m also grateful for afternoon naps that don’t leave me feeling like a truck ran over the top of me.

gotta start trying to take a picture to go along with my thought of gratitude each day.

Listening to:  Some Karen O (yes jen, delicious soundies) some Arcade Fire (eh not so much, but thanks for playing Sarah) and some Regina Spektor (jury’s still out kim.)

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    1. hmm, she wasn’t really what i like. i still really like that song on narnia though. thanks for the suggestion though. i’m willing to listen at least once. :) and please send any other suggestions anytime you want.

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