The photog class went well.  But I am grateful it’s over.  I hate teaching or giving lessons or classes to adults.  I hate the nervousness and the self-consciousness.  Luckily only a handful of ladies were there so it was pretty low key.  I hope it was helpful and not too technical.

I’m also grateful today for friends.  We are headed out the door to go to a baptism for a friend down in Auburn.  It will be so fun to visit with their family.


2 thoughts on “relief

  1. I am glad it went well! I get so nervous doing stuff like that too. I wish I could have been in your class.

    Was it Tonya that got baptized? I have been out of the loop for almost a month with everyone taking turns being sick in my house. I am the designated “stay home from church parent” for now.

    1. yes kim it was tonya’s baptism. it was so fun to go down and visit with them. and so great to see their new home. i’m so excited for them.

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