Getting this in just under the wire.

Tonight I am grateful for successful Cub Scout den meetings and for the ability to use candy to make successful den meetings possible.

I started my scouting experience 6 years ago, when my oldest turned 8.  In our church it’s assumed that the boys join scouts because the church uses the scouting program as it’s activity arm for the boys 8-18.  My dad had been an avid scouter for years, so I never even gave it a second thought.  Get the boy a uniform and a book and send him off to do whatever it is they do.  I jumped right in and tried to learn all I could so that we could help Hayden get his ranks.

About 2 years ago  I was asked to serve as a den leader in our ward.  We’re in a new ward now but I’m still here.  I love the position I serve in.  I enjoy the process of getting to know these 8 and 9 year old boys, figuring out how to a be friend but still be a leader.  I enjoy how silly they are, and that it’s ok for me to be a little bit silly along with them.  I love getting to play “Hello, neighbor” tag and building birdhouses.  But mostly I love to see my own boys grow and mature through this wonderful program.  In a few short weeks Ethan will be moving from Cub Scouts to Boys Scouts.  It seems crazy to have three Scouts and one of them should be an Eagle in a year or two.

I hope for and look forward to many more years in scouting.  We have one more boy after all.  Grayson will be 8 next summer and that gives us another three years of cubs.  Maybe we can shave Hattie’s hair again and put a uniform on her.  No one will notice, right?  I’m totally kidding!!!!



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