A First…

I am going to give you a very basic tutorial.  I have never done this before so I hope it makes sense.  A friend from Auburn asked about a bag I made for another friend’s daughter.  I made up the pattern based on one I had borrowed from another friend.  So here goes nothing.

Pattern measurements meant for a small bag. (Strap about 34”.)

Materials needed:

Outside fabric,
lining fabric and
1 yard each
(If using a heavy fabric you may not need interfacing.  How stiff or soft do you want your bag?)

Thread, of course.

To draft the pattern, start with a paper rectangle 6” x 31”.

Use a plate or bowl to draw a curve on the bottom right corner.

At the top, mark 2 1/2” in from right side.
Measure down from top 13” and in  from right side 3 1/4”.  Draw a small mark.
Then mark down from top 17” on left side.

Draw a nice even curve to join these three marks and form the center opening.

Cut out both curves.

The 14” side on the left is your center front and back.  You will cut on the fold for all pieces.

Cutting fabric:

You can cut two ways.  Open up your one yard of fabric.  Fold both selvages into the center to create two folds on either side.  Place pattern on one fold, pin, cut. Repeat on other fold.
Leave original fold, then fold both selvages over to meet the center fold, place pattern on the dual folds and cut both pieces at one time.

Repeat for lining and interfacing.


Baste or iron interfacing to backs of outer fabric pieces.


With right sides facing, sew two main fabric pieces together around the outside seam (long straight side, small bottom curves and bottom of bag.)  Notch curves.  Open seams and press flat.

If you want a pocket on the inside, sew it to one of the inside lining pieces now.  This one is adorable.  I think I’m gonna put a couple on the pinafore I’m making Hattie.

Repeat the same step for sewing the lining pieces together as the outer except leave about four inches open on the bottom for turning.

With right sides facing, place lining into outer fabric.  Pin together on long inside curves.  Sew together starting about two inches from top and continuing all the way around to other top.  Repeat for both sides, make sure the two inches left un-sewn are on the same side (meaning either front or back.)  Notch curves.  Turn bag right side out using opening in lining and openings at tops of strap.  Tuck lining into bag. Press curved openings.

To sew the tops of the strap together, open up the tops where the  seams were left un-sewn.  Pin together with right sides facing and sew.  It’s hard to explain so maybe this illustration will help.  This is for a dress pattern but the concept is exactly the same.  Just be sure to match seems when you pin.


Press and edgestich around both sides of strap and openings.  Sew turning opening in lining closed and you are done.

I know this is not a GREAT tutorial.  I have been wanting to make one of these for myself so if I do then I will edit this tutorial and add pictures.  For reference, this bag is very similar to what you should end up with.

Good Luck Lenna.  Feel free to call if you have any questions.


2 thoughts on “A First…

    1. Sasha, send me the fabric you want and I’ll do it for free. Ok maybe throw in a couple of bucks for the shipping. :)

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