Old vs. New

I thought this would be a fun idea.  Execution was not so great though.  I seriously need some learnin’ on lighting.

Old vs. New

Socks are my nemesis.  I hate them.  I wish they didn’t exist.  Well, maybe that’s going a little far.  I like my tootsie’s to be warm and all I just can’t stand the heaps of socks around my house.  I’m constantly asking the kids to pick theirs up.  I’ve even tried the puppy training trick of rubbing them on their face.  They just laugh and throw them.

Then I can’t stand how quickly they wear holes in them.  Maybe if I knew how to really darn them I wouldn’t be so annoyed with that.  I hate when things wear out and have to be replaced.  I can’t stand spending money on the same things over and over.  And then what to do with all those socks with holes, I mean besides throwing them in the garbage where they fill up our land fills.  I’m going to figure something out someday.

So anyway, the sock on the right would be one of the dingy ones that came back from Scout camp this summer.  The kids got some new ones a few nights ago so it seemed like the most appropriate shot for the theme this week.

ipod  playing:  Thirteen Senses- The Invitation- The Salt Wound Routine


2 thoughts on “Old vs. New

  1. Haha, I hear ya. We have that same problem around our house. And it drives me crazy that my girls will go through like three pair a day. Fun picture.

  2. Too funny! I have that very same problem. I amalways picking up socks! And yes we too have the dingy ones from camp and just playing in the mud.

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