No More Monkeys Hanging in The Closet

This is what happens when a little girl hangs from the bar in her closet and then drops down with her foot against the back of the closet door.  Friday afternoon our visit with my sister was interrupted by Hattie’s blood curdling scream and Hayden freaking out at the sight of blood.  We rush upstairs to find Hattie in her room holding her foot and blood all over the floor.

I had no clue really where the nearest ER was so after a call to our provider Aaron and I rushed her off to Overlake Medical Center.  I was so grateful that Brandy was right there to stay with the kids.  Even if she hadn’t been there,  she would have been just a phone call away.  What a relief to have family close.

The ER visit only ended up taking about and hour and a half, which was another blessing.  Growing up in a tiny town you assume that a visit to the ER is going to be an ALL day event.


So seven stitches and many tears later, Hattie is all taken care of.  Keeping her from wanting to run around and play is a whole other matter though.  We should have asked for a sedative.


After returning home we investigated the scene and found that her toe had caught on the hardware that keeps the door in the tracks.  It had one very sharp, small piece that was completely bent down from where it should have been.  So while I cleaned up all the blood, Forest bent it back and put duct tape over the whole thing so that something like that doesn’t happen again.


No music today.  Just Hattie watching The Smurfs.  “Yes, every Smurf is smurfing a good job Papa Smurf.”


4 thoughts on “No More Monkeys Hanging in The Closet

  1. YOW! :(
    Outside of movies and childbirth I had never seen so much blood. Duct tape was a good idea!

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