Finally the epiphany came!!!

Hayden has been in public school for 5 years now.  We home-schooled in AZ so I don’t know if it’s a WA thing or if they push the agenda/planners everywhere.  But in those five years we have been lucky to get Hayden to write his assignments in his agenda more than a dozen days out of 180-some each year.  He thinks he can keep it all in his head but his grades show that he can’t.

Well this past week the light finally came on in the attic (mine or Aaron’s, I don’t remember.)  First I put, “Agenda Check” on his chore list each day.  But then we thought to pay him if he will write in his assignments and get it initialed by his teachers, a quarter for every initial, everyday.  So for his four core classes he could potentially earn a dollar a day or 5  bucks a week.  He loves the idea!  Starting with Tuesday he only missed two initials all week!!  WHY didn’t we think of this sooner?!!!!!!

Now to figure out how to get him to turn in the assignments?!!!  Maybe give his teachers each a roll of quarters to trade for assignments?

Ipod shuffle-
Natalie Merchant- Tigerlily- Wonder
The Beatles- Anthology 3- Come Together ( I love this song, makes me want to dance.)
Augustana- All The Stars And Boulevards- Feel Fine
AIR- Live At KEXP Vol. 1- Venus


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