From the crow’s nest you can throw a stone at Safeway…

Ok, maybe not.  But I’m sure you could hit it with a potato launcher.

On Wednesdays all the schools in our district release an hour early.  So yesterday Brandy and I concocted a plan to use the kids in some photos for our weekly theme (that will come later.)  As we were leaving to go to Brand’s, Ethan asked if we could stop by a store for some candy.  Being the controlling, mean mom that I am, I told him “no you aren’t going to waste your money on candy” and hurried him out the door.

We got back home, after a quick stop at the store for a dinner item (again mean mom at work here) and I got busy with dinner.  Ethan asked a couple of times if he could walk to the store.  Again I told him “no, leave me alone I have to get everyone fed and ready to go.”  With dinner done I rushed Hayden, Forest and Grayson out the door for a church youth activity.  Two hours of soccer practice with Grayson later I came home to a beaming Ethan urging me to reach into a huge bag of Starburst.

“You went to the store?”

Grayson from the kitchen- “You got soda TOO?!!!”

Me to Aaron, “Did you walk with him?”

“No he went on his own.”

“To the corner Deli?”

“No to Safeway”

Ethan-“Yeah, you know that store with the big S.”

“You walked there all by yourself?”

Aaron- “Yeah, so what?”

“Well our two oldest would probably get themselves lost if they tried that.”

“He climbed a tree so he could see where it was.”

Ethan- “Yep, I climbed over the fence and then crossed the road.”

You have no idea how pleased this makes me as a parent. So far we have managed to raise very cautious, non-adventurous boys who rarely want to stray far from home.  Maybe you’re thinking I should be grateful but as a child I was very independent, resourceful and adventurous.  We lived in a small town and frequently made trips on our bikes or roller skates to Shortstop, a mile down Main St.  Or to the swimming pool or middle school to goof around.  My children only leave the house when we or another adult takes them somewhere.  It drives me crazy that we live in such a different time.  That we have to teach our kids to be so careful of strangers.

I was all warm inside last night as I looked down at my smaller then average 10 year old who had found a way to get what he wanted and got it , on his own.  Finally, some evidence that maybe we aren’t the worst parents on earth.

Itunes playing: The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band- Lovely Rita


2 thoughts on “From the crow’s nest you can throw a stone at Safeway…

  1. You have such fun pictures to look at on your blog, and I love hearing stories about your life and family. Love you. Thanks for checking out my new blog, what you think, means a lot to me. Give Aaron and the kids my love too.

  2. Good for Ethan! It is a big step when one of your babies ventures out on their own to do something. Luca has been begging me to let her ride her bike around the corner without going with her and I have not dared let her…maybe I will rethink that now.

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