Week #35- Waiting

Week 35-  52 1/2 weeks of 2009

I had the perfect opportunity to take a “waiting” related photo on Monday.  My three oldest boys all had Dr. appointments and when I took Forest at 9:10 am, the Dr. was already really behind because on four calls from other Drs.  We were there for two hours, waiting, waiting, and waiting.  I wish I had had my camera.  Luckily when the other two went back in the afternoon the Dr. seemed to have gotten caught up.

So I’m afraid all I could think of last minute this morning was the street clock in downtown Redmond.  Not a fabulous idea and unfortunately, not a fabulous clock.  So there you go.

My other idea was “waiting for our new mattress” which should get here Monday.  We have been in great need for some time and we’re anxiously waiting for it to come.


Anyway, not as thrilled about this theme obviously.

Ipod playing in the kitchen for Ethan doing his dishes- Icehouse- Primitive Man- Hey Little Girl


One thought on “Week #35- Waiting

  1. Hi Kelly,

    It was great to get your comment today and I also found you again. Your photos are getting better and better. Such a talented woman you are (say that in a Yoda voice for the real effect!). I hope you guys are doing well. I will look forward to checking your site out too.


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