Week #34 ~ Architectural Detail

I had been looking forward to last week’s theme for weeks.  I really like architectural photography and would like very much to study and practice it more.  So I was excited for the chance to go to Seattle with my sis this past Saturday.  Now I’m really looking forward to seeing her shots.

Week 34-  52 1/2 weeks of 2009

I thought this one was the most appropriate for the theme specifically.  I liked the detail of the volutes and the texture on the County Courthouse.  I also liked the Smith Tower in the background.  The pigeons were a nice little surprise when I got home and uploaded to my computer.  Aaron didn’t like the shot.  The first thing he said was, “What are you trying to take a picture of?”  That’s OK.  I learned long ago that he and I have different tastes.  Here are a few more I liked.

King County Administration Building & Columbia Center

Triangle Hotel & Bar


Columbia Center

Trinity Parish Church

St. James Cathedral-  This ended up being really cool.  After walking around the cathedral for a few minutes the bell rang 12 noon, then played a song.  Just made the moment perfect.

More shots on my flickr photostream.

Ipod playing- John Lennon- Anthology (Disc 2)- Come Together (Live)


3 thoughts on “Week #34 ~ Architectural Detail

  1. I love cool architecture. Some of it is so amazing, I can’t believe it was manmade. Great shots!

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