Busy August…

And it’s not over just yet.

The past three weeks have been insane.  Brandy and Chaz moved their family up from AZ on the 1st.  They stayed with us for a few days as they waited for the truck with all their stuff to arrive.  And they’ve been over everyday for dinner.  I told them I didn’t want them making the mistake we did when we moved of spending way too much eating out because I was too lazy to unpack the kitchen.  It’s different cooking for two families but it’s been so fun to have family here.  Sometimes the 9 kids sound like 2 and sometimes they sound like 20.  Our kids are so happy to have their cousins.  Hayden and Corbin are two peas in a pod, Seth and Forest are Mutt and Jeff.  Poor Ethan just tries to fit in where he can.  Ashlyn and Grayson get along in spurts and Hattie and Sage are two silly, giggly princesses.

On the 6th Brandy and I rode the bus into Seattle to see Daniel G. Harmann & The Trouble Starts play at the EMP.  I had a great time, makes me want to go to more shows and concerts, which I have never done.

My lens was not fit for the lighting in the Sky Church so this was the only shot that turned out half decent.  Brandy’s were much better.  We had a great time walking around Seattle afterwards and I’m thoroughly looking forward to going again this Saturday.

Forest and Grayson both started soccer in the past two weeks but it looks like Forest may not be playing long.  I found out today that all his games are going to be on Sundays.  Grayson’s first practice was Tuesday and it was so interesting to see the difference in his ability to listen from last year.  I love getting to witness each of my kids’ growth and development.

Yesterday was Grayson’s 7th birthday.  He has been so excited!!  No, excited doesn’t even describe it.  He’s had us counting down for months.  The calendar hanging in my kitchen has “KEP GO” (keep going)with an arrow pointing to the next box on every day until the 19th.  Grayson’s excitement rubbed off on Aaron, who never gets excited about birthdays, and he decided he was going to make Grayson’s cake.  After the two discussed the details, it ended up being a three layer white cake with banana slices and chocolate pudding between each layer and frosted with a heavenly cream cheese/ whipped cream frosting.  The thinly sliced pieces were enormous and we were all on such a sugar high but it was so fun to see Grayson enjoy it all.

Finally this afternoon Hayden and Forest left for WashJam.  Ok after linking that page I realized it didn’t really tell much at all about what it is.  From what I’ve heard it’s around 6,000 (expected) Cub, Boy and Varsity Scouts meeting at Fort Lewis to do smelly boy stuff.  Smelly because there are no showers.  :)  I hope they have fun, how could they not?!!!

So just a week and half left till school starts and I’m starting to look forward to the routine.  I know I’m going to dread the early mornings when they start again but my life needs some structure.  I’m such a slacker.

Last.Fm- Death Cab For Cutie- Narrow Stairs- Grapevine Fires


2 thoughts on “Busy August…

  1. How fun and exciting! I went to a few concerts and I decided it wasn’t for me cuz of all the drunks and beer flinging. It was fun while it lasted though!

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