What’s on your mind?…light and shadow, and breakfast.

well lunch now.

Light & Shadow

Week #24-  52 1/2 weeks of 2009– Light and Shadow

When we lived in Auburn we had a favorite park on top of Lea Hill.  We loved Auburndale Park because it was a small neighborhood park that we almost always had to ourselves.  It had a small playground, a big grassy field and then a paved trail that wound through a wooded area which took up about half of the entire park.

Well I think we found it’s twin in Redmond, and it’s also up on top of our hill.  Aaron and I took Grayson and Hattie up to it for lunch today.  It was beautiful.  The park is surrounded by a densely wooded area.  The floor was covered with ferns, the canopy made up mostly of Big Leaf Maples and the sun shone through in small patches.  It was exactly what I was hoping for for my weekly shot.


Light & Shadow

Light & Shadow

Listening to: Morrissey- Kill Uncle (the whole thing), Vauxhall And I too because I got distracted while writing this.  :)

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2 thoughts on “What’s on your mind?…light and shadow, and breakfast.

  1. Excellent! I thought the first outtake had berries in the middle from the thumb on facebook. lol.
    These are really cool!
    I loved that park in Auburn too! And so did the kids!

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