more sewing

i seem to go in spurts with my different hobbies.  so the last week or so i have been sewing.

we have always lived in apartments and with the exception of auburn, not usually much more than a year.  i gave up years ago on having a nicely decorated house.  well for whatever reason i feel this need to make things for this apartment.  i don’t know why.

mom gave me this bulletin board that she had for years.  i’ve wanted to cover it for a while.  so when i came across a great tutorial and then this gorgeous fabric collection, I just had to.  the lighting is bad so the picture is blurry and since it’s covered with papers now it’s hard to see, but it’s still so fun.

then a year or so ago i got this cute little ottoman from someone on freecycle.  the original fabric was horrid but i loved the shape.  i had already ripped the ugly skirt off when i took this picture.

i reused some big pillow covers that were no longer in use to make a slipcover for it.  Now I can just take it off and wash it if i need to.

There’s only one top stitch on the belt because I made it 3” wide and when I put it on it was just too wide.  So the belt is folded in half.  I need to fix that.  I put a bigger button in the middle on top and covered it with the red fabric.

Then I made pillow covers, still using some of the old navy pillow covers for the back and reusing the zippers and piping from them as well.

I had to improvise a little because of the amount of fabric I bought.  But I liked how they turned out with the stripes, more interesting than just solid blocks.

And finally, last night and this morning I worked on recovering an old desk chair I picked up from a thrift store a year or two ago.  When I was looking to see if I could take it apart to recover it I found a label on the bottom dated 1951.  It’s a great chair, so much better made then now-a-days.

try to ignore the popcorn crumbs on the floor.  :)


9 thoughts on “more sewing

    1. thanks brand.
      isn’t it awesome!!!! the cream with the big flowers would make the cutest skirt!!

  1. That’s so awesome Kel! I need to take a class and learn how to do that too. I just think it’s so neat and would be such a handy skill to have!

  2. I love your ottoman! And the retro chair is adorable. Where did you buy the fabric? I love it! You have really made your home look cozy. :)

  3. Thanks everyone, it’s so fun to have cute stuff in my living room.
    Meag- I bought the wonderland fabric at Ben Franklin but it went fast. Last I was in there they had cut what was left into fat quarters. That’s when I bought the cream with small flowers. I want to go get a few more quarters just for fun.
    Ask Amy Sala where fabric stores are besides Joann’s and then call them to see if they have “Wonderland by Momo.” Also try etsy. I found some there a while back for pretty decent prices.

  4. Hey! Decided to look up your blog before I forgot the address. You like Morrissey??? So do I. Thanks for sharing your snacks at the park today. :-D

    1. i know my layout is a little weird. the comment link is at the top instead of the bottom of each post. confuses just about everyone. :) i may have to go look at some other layouts sometime but that would take energy i would rather spend elsewhere right now. :)

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