Spending Money

Or rather, getting ready to spend way too much money, for me.

well, getting ready to spend money...

Last week was rather busy with Dr. Appts, scouts, and getting Aaron and the boys ready for a scout camp-out.  I had a hard time getting into the photo theme for this week.  I’m also not a big spender so shopping is not a favorite past time.  I finally got this shot heading into Fred Meyer to pick up camping stuff.

Aaron and and the boys had a blast.  The 11-yo scouts had planned the  camp out and invited the Webelos.  Then ended up inviting the Deacons and Teachers as well.  Aaron broke his pointer finger playing football with Forest.  Ethan climbed every tree he could find, making all the leaders nervous.  Then they all tromped through the mud to Lake Sammamish to skip rocks that Ethan had collected at Discovery Park a couple of weeks ago.  They came back sweaty, stinking, exhausted but glad they got to go.  They get to go again in two weeks for Father and Son’s outing and Grayson can’t wait!


Drowning out PS2 noise with: Modest Mouse- Good News For People Who Love Bad News- Float On


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