Sunday Sketches

Shortly after moving to Redmond I purchased two 5 x 8 sketch pads for the kids to doodle on in church.  That has turned out to be one of the best $7 I have ever spent.  I am positive that once they are all full and I buy some new ones they will go right up in our bookcase with all the other art books Aaron has collected.  Grayson’s sketches are my favorite.  See for yourself.

During sacrament on Easter Sunday, I had taken Hattie to the restroom.  When I came back a gentleman was speaking about Christ, of course.  I look at what the boys are doing and this is what I see on Grayson’s lap.  As he was speaking he was instructing the kids to draw a picture of Christ.  It was really cool that he was trying to engage the children in the congregation.

Now the books are mostly filled with drawing like this, so very appropriate for church don’t you think.  These are the two from today.  Grayson sat next to me sketching away and quietly making dinosaur noises and human cries for help.

I love my boys!!!!!!!


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